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Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Visitation Rights Attorneys in Corona

Child Visitation Under California Law

Visitation rights are very important. Not only does the visitation schedule determine a non-custodial parent’s time with the children, it often affects child support calculation as well. For these reasons, visitation is among the most contentious issues associated with divorce and child custody. California requires any disputed child visitation matters to go through the mediation process before they can proceed to court.

Each county in conducts their custody mediation in a different manner. Our experienced attorneys will advise you of the mediation process for your case and fully prepare you for it.

At Holstrom, Sissung & Block, we understand how important the issues of child visitation and parenting time are and we work hard to secure a meaningful parenting future for each of our clients. If you are concerned about your current visitation rights or how custody and visitation rights issues might be resolved in a pending divorce — the experience of our attorneys is a valuable asset to have working for you on these issues.

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When Courts Get Involved …

When a court determines the visitation rights of a non-custodial parent, it may order “reasonable” visitation, leaving it to the parents to work out a precise schedule of time and place. More frequently, courts will set up a detailed parenting schedule, called a fixed visitation schedule, including the times and places the non-custodial parent may spend time with the children.

In situations where there is ongoing hostility between the parents, a family court judge may be inclined to order a fixed visitation schedule in order to do what’s best for the child. A fixed visitation schedule can still be generous, but it removes opportunities for one party to control the other party’s time. In fact, children often benefit from the predictability fixed schedules provide during a period of time that would otherwise be even more unsettling for them.

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